Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry Is a Handmade Items

Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry
Water buffalo horn jewelry is a handmade process so they are highly valued especially in western countries. There are many reasons why more women choose handmade jewelry than factory-made jewelry.

Every woman, if you buy handmade jewelry, the reason will be very complex. Each of us has its own reasons, either because there are special experiences or certain memories or special views that make you prefer handmade jewelry.

We all have our own reasons to support and contribute to the growing arts and crafts movement. And it seems that some of us have forgotten how high the value of the handmade necklace art is. So one thing you need to remember is that we all buy handmade necklaces of course for different reasons for each individual.

Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry And The Reason Women Choose Handmade Necklaces

1. Some of us, including you, can feel a sense of friendship and community when buying something made by someone else. There are feelings of love and special because handmade still has its own uniqueness and will be different from each other.

2. You and maybe most of the women will prefer the quality of handmade goods even though they have a higher price, and are an alternative to factory-made accessories or jewelry. In addition, of course when looking and buying handmade as your way of supporting work and artistic power compared to mass manufacturing.

3. You and maybe some of the women believe in spending higher price but will last longer than low-quality factory-made necklaces.

Necklace made of plastic or metal can make allergies. Buying things that can last a long time means that you value every dollar as an extension of your own struggle.

4. Many interpret our purchases as a means of support and love for others.

5. Some of us like the originality and authenticity found in handmade items which are certainly not found in the manufacture of factory necklaces.

6. To oppose the expansion of very mass factory goods

Buffalo Horn Jewelry And The Reason Why Handmade Is More Expensive

1. Marketing & Promotion

Having a necklace that not everyone has it has its own pride. There will definitely be more handmade necklaces and striking differences that will distinguish these women differently from each other.

Handmade necklaces are not mass produced but are made in limited quantities for certain groups or collectors according to their choice. This is why achieving the design is always unique and not uniform compared to factory jewelry.

The most important marketing component is how the image of the necklace is in the eyes of consumers. Why are they willing to spend money to buy it.

Even at a certain level, the necklace is loved by collectors and is very happy to collect it. When consumers know that jewelry is not mass produced through prints so that no one hundred percent of the same makes women feel special.

There will be jewelry that will have different features even though they are included in the same batch. Each part has its own artistic value in each curve.

2. Shipping

Shipping costs also apply to craftsmen if you do not consider it. After the item is marked for sale, to arrive at the buyer, the craftsman must make and package it and be ready to send it.

These items are of course marked and neatly wrapped, then labeled and then sent to customers or to certain stores in collaboration with these craftsmen.

Some craftsmen even included gas costs and time taken to commute to the courier service office because it affected their time and money.

It can be concluded that the craftsmen spend a lot of time, energy, hard work, and effort in their every move. The love and enthusiasm that they have for their art are incomparable and if they don’t get the appreciation it’s okay.

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But to weaken everything by saying that they are too expensive is not fair to them. Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry deserve high esteem because of the process as described above.